Yes, it’s true, with a little bit of practice, you can assemble the K-PAK in less than 5 minutes. When we first developed our prototype, one of the key features we focused on was making assembly the easiest aspect of owning our boat. Unlike other boats, our rigid aluminum frame folds inside the boat skin. Only two pieces, a pair of cross frames, and then some air, are added to complete the assembly.

Assembly can be done in five basic steps:

Step 1: Remove boat, cross frames, and pump from bag. Unfold boat with cockpit side up on a flat level surface.

Step 2: There are (8) sleeves that need to be closed to provide a rigid internal frame. Reach inside the boat and slide the sleeves toward the end of the boat you are closest to. Four towards the bow and four towards the stern. Take care not to pinch your fingers!

Step 3: Open the boat, get in, and kneel down facing the stern. Check and make sure the (4) Boston Valves are screwed into the inflatable tubes with the top caps left open. Take care not to cross thread. Insert the shorter clear manifold hoses into the lower inflatable tubes and the longer clear hoses into the side, or upper inflatable tubes. Pick up a cross frame and make sure the upper aluminum tube is facing you.

Step 4: Check to make sure the tabs on the locking C-clips are open/loose. Work the cross frame into the boat cavity so you are able to align a lower locking C-clip with a lower stringer tube and push down to snap the locking C-clip in place.

Do the same on the other side. Now snap each upper locking C-clip into the upper stringer tubes, one at a time. Slide the cross frame towards the end of the boat, up to the vertical stringer tube stem. Twist the locking C-clip tabs to lock cross frame in place. Turn around and do the same in the bow. Make sure the upper tube on the cross frame is facing you.

Step 5: Check to make sure all (8) sleeves are still in the closed position. Take the air pump and hook it up to the manifold. Add air to the inflatable tubes until they are straight and firm. Use the Boston Valve on the seat to add air. Push the bottom of the seat down between the lower inflatable tubes. Adjust the seat for comfort by using the nylon straps on each side of the seat back. The boat is ready for the water.

Disassemble in reverse order. Make sure Boston Valves and sleeves are open before trying to fold the boat or you will damage the internal frame. Just before you tri-fold the boat, pull one side over the other to create a more slender length of boat. This will make it easier to place in the backpack.

The driving force behind our company was that there had to be a better way to drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to get you in the water and on to doing the things you love. We strive to offer you hassle free access to the water anywhere to do most anything whether it be fishing/hunting, nature photography, sight-seeing, or lazy paddles.