My name is Bryan Rooney and I am the founder of Triangle Adventure Outfitters, based out of Raleigh, NC. I met the owner of The Folding Boat Co. (Pete Flood) at a vendor show in central NC two years ago and immediately saw an opportunity to utilize his boats for some of the trips that I lead both in North Carolina and elsewhere. Due to their compact/lightweight design, these boats are a great fit for the avid outdoors(wo)man through beginner and even the outfitter that needs to transport lots of gear around at the same time. At the moment, we only have a couple of K-PAKS to supplement our fleet, but we will definitely be replacing our aging boats with the K-PAK when the time comes. 

This past summer, we took the K-PAK out on family and corporate outings in central N.C., like Jordan and Falls Lakes as well as a quick float trip on the New River near West Jefferson.

Speaking to the size, the K-PAK really isn’t much bigger than something you would take on the Appalachian Trail and lighter weight than even the most extreme ultra-light backpacker. That’s why it always turns heads when we pull it out at the put-in and start to create this kayak “out of thin air.”

Some people express concerns about the fact that it is inflatable: “what happens when you go over a rock?” The most impressive feature about the K-PAK is that it is broken up into multiple independent components. First of all, the outer layer is essentially made of the exact same material that they use to make the whitewater rafts that outfitters load down and cruise over dozens of miles rocky rivers every day. That in and of itself should be enough to instill confidence in its seaworthiness, but it doesn’t stop there: the four independent, inflatable baffles are not even exposed to the elements and wear and tear, so rest-assured, there’s no way you could actual puncture all of them at the same time.

Last but not least, there’s the lightweight, collapsible frame to give the K-PAK a rigid, but forgiving structure that allows the boat to track just as good as any other 9 ft boat on the market. Once you’ve got the concept figured out, you’ll have the boat from bag to water in right at 5 minutes. Compare that to the time it normally takes to load a boat onto the top of your car, strap it down, drive down the road at a compromised speed, while sacrificing your precious gas mileage…its simple math.

Speaking of math, the cost of a K-PAK, $895, with all of it’s technical advantages puts it well over the top of anything else on the market AND you won’t have to drop an extra $500-$1000 on a boat rack for your car either. So whether you’re new to the sport of kayaking or a seasoned pro; living in smaller accommodations or just need something that is generally more portable, be sure to add the K-PAK to your search options and you’ll see why Triangle Adventure Outfitters gives them an A+ approval rating!