It is July in the South and the heat outside is cranked up all the way. AC units are blaring, eggs are frying on the sidewalk, and popsicles are sold out at the grocery stores. Everyone is looking for ways to keep cool, and still spend their summers outside. If you’ve not already guessed, the only way we want to stay cool in this heat is by spending it in the water. Here are our top 10 ways to get wet this summer:


1. Swimming Hole

Nothing beats the heat in the Southeast like a good ol’ swimming hole. These occur all across the country, and can be anything from a river, stream, creek or spring. Because they are natural water sources, you can bet that being too hot will be the last thing on your mind when you dip into temperatures as low as 50 degrees in the summertime.


2. Boating

A year round favorite (and our all-time favorite!), we’ve never been so happy to have a little water run over the side of our packable kayak. Getting out on our favorite lake or whitewater course with just our boat and a paddle is our favorite way to out run the heat this summer. Don’t forget the SPF!


3. Water Park

Looking for a weekend getaway or an awesome day trip with the kids? Be on the lookout for local waterparks and any summer deals they might have going on. Spend the day shooting down waterslides and floating down lazy rivers for the best balance between thrill and chill.


4. Homemade slip-n-slide

No time to make it all the way out to a waterpark? No problem. Make your own home backyard slip-n-slide that the whole family can enjoy. You can use the conventional slip-n-slide or make your own with some plastic and some yard stakes. Invite your friends, or your kids friends, and and go get some grass burns!


5. Backyard Pool

In the spirit of staying home, sometimes there is just nothing better than a backyard pool. Depending on your preference you can have just enough for a refreshing dip or a place to lay your head on your floatie. Either way, you get good summer chill and your fridge is 100 ft away!


6. Beach

If your family is not taking a family beach trip yet, then this needs to be your year. Pack up the car, grab your boogie boards and sand toys and head for whatever coast is closest to you. Salt water is our second favorite thing to high quality H2O!


7. Float the River

If you’re dying to be in the water, but surfing, paddling and water sliding seem like a bit too much for your relaxing summer days, then you need to get out and float the river. All you need is a few inner tubes, some rope to link them together, a koozie with your favorite cold beverage, and a point man to come pick you up. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


8. Sprinklers

Let your inner child out to play, or you could actually just bring your children, but set up a series of sprinklers in your yard for a fun-filled afternoon with just enough cold water to shock your senses every time it touches you.


9. Tubing

July is definitely late enough in the summer to call up that one buddy of yours with a lakehouse and a speedboat and head out for some fun on the lake. Pile up your buddies on a giant inflatable hotdog and experience firsthand what it feels like to get rugburn on your arms while outdoors.


10. Natural Waterslide

Last, but most certainly not least in our books, is taking advantage of some of nature’s playgrounds. Our favorite is Sliding Rock, located in Pisgah National Forest in Brevard, NC. Definitely a summer bucket list items if you’re feeling a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pisgah Forest is also home to plenty of additional swimming holes for you and your friends and family. Make a weekend out of it.

There we have it! 10 wonderful, wet and wild ways to spend your summer beating the heat. Stumped for a boat? Check out our K-PAK! It fits in a backpack so you can venture to any destination quickly and easily! Paddle on, y'all!


K-Pak folding boat