We're in a kayaker's favorite season and is seems like we're seeing more and more boats out on the water. If you want to give it a try but are looking for a reason to take the plunge, here are 10 great reasons to get out on the water! 



1) Toned arms

Kayaking has a ton of great fitness benefits, and being able to "load your guns" is only one of them! Due to the nature of using a paddle, it is a great arm work out and will allow you to get cut for the summer! We realize that there is small downside to this - that your sleeves may get a little tighter - but it's the summer and sleeves are overrated. Just cut those bad boys off! You can't argue with results!


2) Core workout

In addition to giving you arms of the gods, kayaking is a great workout for the core. In the small but necessary act of steering, you engage those core muscles and over time, build them up! Looking for a little extra out of your core on your next paddling trip? Throw in a few figure eight's after a warm up or before a cool down!


3) QT with Nature!

Especially in the summer, we try to spend as much quality time with nature as possible. Taking out your boat for a long paddling trip is a great way to see different types of fish, turtles, and other aquatic wildlife. The best thing about being in the boat is that you are able to observe and interact with them from a safe distance without disrupting their habitats or scaring them away. In addition to all the awesome wildlife you'll encounter, you'll be able to unplug for a bit and just enjoy being out in nature.


4) Meet New People

An exciting and sometimes unexpected perk is the opportunity to meet lots of new people in the kayaking community. Meeting people out on the water or at your favorite paddling spot is a great way to grow your love for water sports as well as build up your friend circles. We're not biased, but boat culture is the best culture.


5) Great Cardio!

While we could really go on and on about how great boating is for your body and your overall fitness. Getting in your cardio on the water is a great alternative to many traditional types of cardio: like running or biking. Paddling is low impact, but still builds up your heart rate so that you're getting a great cardio workout that will help increase the number of capillaries in the muscles you're using.


6) Great for all ages!

Getting out on the water is a great experience for paddlers of all ages. Because there isn't a lot of specific technical work kids can get started at a fairly young age (with adult supervision of course), and due to it's low impact on the body, it's an activity you can keep up throughout your life. Since it is so great for all ages, what's stopping you from getting the whole family together and getting out on the water? Really... go now!

Relaxing on a kpak

7) Stress Relief

With all of the fitness benefits that come with paddling, you should already know that it's a great way to blow off steam at the end of a long day and release that stress you've been carrying around!


8) Cool in the Summer / Warm in the Winter

One of the best reasons to kayak in the summer, especially in the South, is that in addition to it's nature and fitness benefits, it is a great way to cool off. While you work up a sweat out in the sunshine, you are surrounded by water and the opportunity to take a dip whenever you need to! But with all of it's abilities to keep you cool in the summer, it can also be exactly what you need to warm up in the cooler months. Paddling fast and getting in that cardio can be just what you need to warm up your body and stay outdoors. 

9) It Can take you Anywhere!

Kayaking can be done on all types of water. Lakes, rivers, stream, even the ocean are all options to satisfy your paddling dreams and take you anywhere you want to go. A great leisure activity while you travel, or a mode of transportation for your travel. The K-Pak even comes in a backpack so you truly can expand your horizons at the helm of your boat!

10) It's Fun!

Aside form all of the great benefits one receives form kayaking, the biggest benefit of all, is that it's fun! So while you're out there chasing the horizon with your new-found paddling buddies and your massively amazing arms, remember to have a great time and share it with someone else!


Why do you like to kayak? Tell us in the comments below!

For more on the K-Pak Folding Boat,  check it out here !

For more on the K-Pak Folding Boat, check it out here!