Montana - from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains - it's a state that needs to be on your bucket list. Not sure where to hit up first? We've got you covered! Enjoy some of these top picks and 'must-see' trips in Montana on your next visit! 

1. The Berkeley Pit

Looking for a mix of history and outdoor scenery, well we have just the thing for you: a pit! Yes, sounds intriguing we know. This ‘pit’ in Butte, Montana is home to various species of fungi and bacterial inhabitants. The area was a large truck-operated open-pit copper mine until mining ceased in 1982. The water is rich in iron turning the surface area to a reddish hue. Watch your step and tread lightly, a splash in this water would not be a fun outing!

2. Handcrafted Goodness – Victory Taco

Who doesn’t love some tacos after a beautiful day outdoors - it's the perfect combination! The word on the street is that Victory Taco is the hot spot to go! Head out Bozeman - a southern Montana town in the Rocky Mountains – and find the big shiny, vintage Spartan mobile home. Top it off with a delicious brew and you can’t go wrong.

3. Palisade Falls

Looking for a short hike with some kids in tow? This is a perfect 1.1-mile hike in to a gorgeous 80 ft. waterfall. Through Hyalite Canyon this spectacular waterfall is the perfect spot to take a load off and enjoy what the landscape has to offer.

4. Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

The wildlife in Montana is surely not something to miss from bobcats and bighorn sheep to elk, the red fox, bison and grizzly bears. Visit this National Wildlife Refuge and learn all about their conservation efforts, spend some time fishing, and take a stroll on one of their many hiking trails. Looking for something to do let’s say….now? Listen to elk bugle and defend harems at the Slippery Ann Elk Viewing Area during the elk breeding season (September and October).

Woman and her Kayak entering Lake

Photo: Adam Mowery Photography

5. Lake McDonald

GLACIERS GLACIERS GLACIERS! Check out the largest lake in Glacier National Park in Flathead County. Perfect for a day canoeing or kayaking in your K-PAK along the still, cold waters with a great view. Take part in some rock skipping or head over to the shops nearby for some souvenir gathering. Maybe you will strike up some luck and see some wildlife on shore or in the waters!

6. The Western Café

Looking for a local favorite? Here you go! The Western Café n beautiful downtown Bozeman, Montana serves up local specialties with that home town feel. From chicken fried steak to a cup of fresh homemade soup, the Western Café has been around since the early nineteen hundreds! Take a look around and enjoy this local delight.

7. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Check out Montana’s first state park in southeastern Jefferson County, Montana. The limestone caverns are a must see with guided tours and campgrounds right in the area as well. Scared of the dark? Don’t worry, the park has this covered with headlamps and even helmets, just in case. Don’t forget your camera!


kayaking in montana
Photo: Adam Mowery Photography

8. Bighorn Canyon

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Big Horn County, Montana has over 120,000 acres with diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and more than 10,000 years of human history. Find an adventure that everyone can agree on from kayaking across the lake in your Folding Boat or a stroll along various hiking trails. Bighorn Lake extends approximately 60 miles through Wyoming and Montana. Enjoy the views!

Biking with a group in Montana

9. Line Creek Plateau

Looking to get out of the car but still enjoy the speed of the journey? Line Creek Plateau provides over 16 miles of biking trails 10,000 feet from sea level. Enjoy the views and be sure to go with a friend so the track trails from the animals don’t confuse you from the bike trail. As always, take a map and enjoy the 360 views.

10. Swim in Yellowstone’s Boiling River

Yes, Montana is cold…sometimes painstakingly cold, but here is a spot to warm up and enjoy natural springs the earth has to offer. Hot and cool waters to mix into a temperature comfortable enough to bathe in at the Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park.

Big Sky Country is truly one not to be missed - from water to trails to tacos, there's something for the whole family to enjoy. Where will you go first? Tell us in the comments!