It’s no surprise we’re all avid fishermen at the Folding Boat Company. In fact, our love for fishing was one of the reasons we were inspired to design and make our lightweight, foldable kayak, the K-Pak! Always on the lookout for the next adventure, here’s 10 must-fish spots around the globe:


1.   Cabo Sun Lucas, Mexico

Although this place is famous for its street parties, it’s also perfect for fishing, known for its beautiful blue water fishing. In fact, it’s gained the name Marine Capital of the world. Great year round, the best fishing can be found in the hottest part of the year (so pack your sunscreen!).

2.   Bahamas

The Bahamas are known for its flats fishing and is great for every type of fishermen, from first-timers to salty veterans. Up for a challenge? See if you can bet one of over 50 fishing world records set there!

3.   Costa Rica

Sport fishing is the most popular type of fishing in Costa Rica. You can fish there from January to April or from November to December and explore two expansive coastlines, extensive wetlands, and multiple rivers.

4.   North Eastern, Australia

Australia is known for a variety of exotic, unusual, and sometimes dangerous animals from the wombat to the box jelly fish. It’s also a dream destination for catching giant Marlin and boasts some of the best – and largest – black marlin on earth.

5.   Betty Lake, Colorado

You have to hike about 45 minutes to get to Betty Lake, but when you arrive you’ll realize it’s worth every bit effort. This spot is an excellent cutthroat trout fishery and is best visited from the middle of June though the middle of July.


Luckily, our packable, portable folding kayaks fit neatly into a backpack for even the hardest to reach spots, and as long as the water is open, makes paddling or kayak fishing a breeze!



Where are your top fishing spots?