A very talented little boat

“I love my K-Pak! This is a very talented little boat.  It has the speed and nimbleness of a rigid boat and the durability and comfort of an inflatable kayak.  It easily assembles in just a few minutes and it is so lightweight and compact I can take it just about anywhere without the aid or hassle of using a car rack.  I also like how flexible it is for different paddling conditions.  When it is hot I can unzip it and use it like a sit on top and if it is cold or choppy, I can zip it up and stay warm and dry.  The fact that it comes with a backpack is also great, there is plenty of room for my PFD and paddle.  My other foldup kayaks required me to buy a spray skirt and backpack separately, they haven't gotten much use since I bought my K-Pak.  The Folding Boat Co. packed a lot of value into my little yellow boat.” ~ Cody G. 


Easy And Lightweight!

"I love this thing. It's easy and lightweight plus makes Kayaking super easy. You should make one large enough for two people with a little bit of storage space. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!" ~ Chris Chamberlin

Photo: Adam Mowery

Impeccable Customer Service!

"Pete is very proud of his boat the K-Pak and he did not hesitate to show it to me. The first thing I noticed is the quality of the materials that went into making this boat. You can see his desire for perfection when he not only discussed the strong point on the design but also the current improvements.

This boat is well designed for stability, roominess, and comfort and the best part it weighs in at 21lbs and comes with a backpack that will fit the boat, paddles, PFD and even some fishing gear and lunch for the day.

I would definitely recommend this boat to someone that had the desires to hike up to a mountain lake for a weekend of fishing or to a favorite cove waiting for those mallards to drop within range, and with the camo cover you will easily blend into your surroundings." ~ Barry Carlisle

(Photo cred: Adam Mowery Photography)

Set-Up was so easy. It only took 5 minutes.

Set-Up was so easy. It only took 5 minutes.

The Most Comfortable Kayak!

"I used the K-PAK three weeks ago while spending an afternoon on Jordan Lake. Not only was the design really neat and something I had never seen before, this is one of the most comfortable kayaks I have been in.

There was plenty of space in the boat and it was easy to load in and maneuver in the water! If you have a small car or no storage space in your home, folding this kayak up and storing it is one of the easiest things you can do!

I am a huge fan of this boat and can't wait to get out and use it more!" - Katie Burke

Photo: Bryan Rogala

Photo: Bryan Rogala

There's no reason to leave it at home!

"The K-PAK folding boat is a folding canoe-kayak hybrid that weighs a mere 21 pounds, stores in its own backpack, and sets up in four minutes. Basically, there’s no reason to leave it at home. Stuff this thing in the back of your Tacoma or Element (leaving room for bigger toys on top of your car), and break it out to explore that high-mountain lake. Bonus: Apartment dwellers can keep the boat in a closet if you don’t have a garage." - Bryan Rogala via Outside Magazine

"It’s a clever concept, which gives outdoor enthusiasts a surprisingly durable, 9-foot-3-inch boat that can be fully assembled in less than four minutes."  - Luke Dormehl via Digital Trends

Just open it up and you'll be from backpack to boat in about 5 minutes.

Just open it up and you'll be from backpack to boat in about 5 minutes.

Design really shines!

"Where the ‘K-PAK's’ design really shines is in folding down into a single-piece package that you can wear on your back. Once the frame is flattened, the boat folds into thirds and can slide into the backpack, with the cross members resting on top. Other folding designs pack down into several bags; shoulder bags; roller cases; etc. but the K-PAK backpack is a simple, streamlined alternative that can also carry a folding paddle and personal floating device." - Martin Hislop via designboom

"Test paddled a K-PAK by The Folding Boat Co at Overland Expo East in Asheville, NC, and was instantly sold. It's the perfect solution for our campervan given the boat's profile and packability.

The K-PAK is a polyurethane fabric boat that achieves rigidity through an aluminum frame and inflatable tubes that run the length of the vessel. The boat runs 9'3" long and sits 30" wide when ready to paddle. On the water, the boat is nimble and relatively fast. I was able to maintain 2.5 mph on flat water with ease (despite the presence of a stiff wind).

The K-PAK weighs a mere 21 pounds and folds into a compact package. It fits nicely into the back of our campervan while leaving ample room for the rest of the gear we usually carry. The simple design also allows for a set up/break down time of 5 mins. That was the big selling factor for us." - Lee Grimes

"The K-PAK from Folding Boat Co. is a portable, strong and lightweight foldable boat that can easily fit in the trunk of a car to be taken out and assembled in as little as five minutes—wherever you’d like to go for a paddle or do some fishing." via IFAI 

Photo Credit: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas

Photo Credit: C.C. Weiss/New Atlas

"The key to the K-PAK design is a segmented frame that works like a beefed-up tent frame, its short, connected segments locking together into the greater structure. Instead of simply nesting inside one another, as on a tent, the K-PAK segments secure via plastic connector sleeves." - C.C. Weiss via New Atlas 

"A folding kayak like boat that is light, easy and quick to assemble, with multiple uses in multiple environments. They can be used for fishing, hunting, photography, sight-seeing, or just a fun paddle on lake, stream or ocean." via Kosher_Pickle on YOUNTO.com

We've taken the K-PAK everywhere!

We've taken the K-PAK everywhere!

It has performed flawlessly!

"We have used the K-PAK in Alaska to trout fish, salmon fish and halibut fish, in eastern North Carolina to bass fish, rock fish and shad fish. It has performed flawlessley. No storage facility required, just keep it in a closet in your home, apartment, town home or condominium. No car top carriers required, just put it in the trunk of you car. Extremely comfortable and stable. Nothing on the market like it." - Tommy Fonville

The K-PAK is an outstanding product. Lightweight, durable, stable, and very compact for easy transport. Perfect for duck hunting those hard to reach honey holes and secluded swamps. Help support local and buy from Pete! - Mike Sarna

It made our vacation!

"My son had 4 days for Spring Break in the Florida Keys. The K-PAK provided the perfect boat to pack in all we wanted to do. Because it is light-weight, compact, and fits in a backpack, we were able to carry them with us on the plane and then throw them in the trunk of the rental car. Because it is so easy to assemble, we were able to paddle the Everglades for 3 hours one morning before most people had loaded/unloaded and prepared to launch their boats.

Assembly and dis-assembly takes about 5 minutes start to finish. We would see a spot off the highway, park, assemble and launch in no time. We would visit three different places a day with ease allowing us to fish more places and see more things than had we done it any other way. It really made our vacation and now we are using them all over. Thanks K-PAK!"  - review from Paddling.net

Perfect day for a paddle at Turks & Caicos Islands

Perfect day for a paddle at Turks & Caicos Islands

"Awesome product and very quick assembly. The new generation of personal canoes." - Rodney Dixon

"Pete has a quality product that he personally stands behind. Always great to see actual enthusiasts opening up the outdoors with innovative products like folding boats!" - Bob Leah

"I would most definitely give this product a try! I know Pete Flood personally and he is a stand up honest guy with a small business trying to help others enjoy the outdoors as much as he does. Doesn't get any more American than that!" - Jason Fradenburgh